Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Domestic Comedy

Last Thursday I discovered a small rubber piece on the floor under the door to my new dishwasher.  I knew what it was.  When I opened the door there was no resistance and it would have dropped like a stone to the floor had I not held on.

Okay - dishwasher was purchased in June, full warranty still in effect.  Call for service.

Punch in the numbers for "Blue Crew" Service.  Menu tree.  Make a choice, Menu Tree.  Make another choice.  Person.  Unfortunately distance (the other side of the world) makes communication difficult plus it seems like the call agents have set scripts that they cannot deviate from, which only adds to the confusion.  After repeating "warranty service call" several times I am again transferred.

The next person I reach seems to be on this side of the planet.  I explain that the small rubber band broke that connects at the bottom of the washer door and that it was the one on the right side.  I supply my model number and serial number and the number on my original receipt proving that this is indeed covered under the one year warranty.  The appointment is made for the following Monday between 1pm and 5pm.

Sunday - robocall warning me that I will be responsible for any costs incurred during this service call.

Monday, 1pm.  Nothing
Monday, 2pm.  Nothing
Monday, 3pm.  Nothing
Monday, 3:20.  Phone rings.  Service man says they will be here shortly.  "They?"  It's a little rubber band for heavens sake.

Two guys show up at 3:45.  I show them the broken piece.  They say they were not aware that this was a repair visit, they thought it was routine maintenance.  They are very pleasant, though.  One guy proceeds to take the kick plate off the dishwasher while the other boots up his computer and makes call.  It seems that they do not have the piece.  The appliance parts store does not have the piece.  No one in a 15 mile radius has the piece.  I am tempted to offer them the purple rubber bands off broccoli bunches, which might work.  I explain, once again, that this is under warranty and I want it fixed.  One of the guys responds that this piece is always breaking and not having it will not effect the performance of the dishwasher, he recommends just removing them both.  No, I Want It Fixed.  And because I had the foresight to purchase the stupid 3 year maintenance and service contract (an indulgence that has paid off the three times I've done it with appliances)I will be wanting it fixed each time it breaks.

So they order the part and a spare for the other side (at my insistence, which will probably cost me).  And because the part is mailed (yep, mailed) it may be a week or more getting here.  So call...............Whoa buster,  I am not going through call tree hell again.  We will set the appointment now.

So, next Monday between 8am and Noon, I will be waiting for the repairmen.

I still do not know why it took two of them.

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