Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The first among many - gardening in a tiny space

I garden in bags, pots and tiny four foot square raised beds.  I garden along the house.  I garden in empty salad clamshells.  For the price of the seeds, which were from on-line sources, I play in the dirt.
From the back - shallots, chard, broccolini, okra.  With an onion or two from last year.

Green beans on the left, soon to be green beans in the middle and radishes that want to become green beans later.  Also the cucumber on the trellis.
Advance guard
the rest of the family
The first.  Already claimed by a grandchild. Glowing in its red perfection.  The rest, waiting and soaking up today's sunshine and the plentiful rain

Greens - the forward quadrant is all lettuce, which grows as quickly as I can cut it
We have had four salads from this lettuce and probably 3 dozen radishes.  Considering the price of organic produce this has probably paid for itself.  Once the green beans start we will have them every other night.  And I did get carried away with zucchini, planting them in 4 places, but I like the way the plant looks with its prehistoric leaves.

The strawberry bed has been netted, I think birds can smell the ripe fruit for at least 2 miles.  Out of 6 raspberry canes planted, two survived the winter, so we may have a berry or two.

Oh, I also planted 10 tomato plants, 6 started from seed and 4 from the produce people at the farmer's market.  4 jalapeno plants and about 5 million volunteer cherry tomatoes.

Volunteers on the left, enlistees on the right.

and I almost forgot the snap peas, dill, yellow peppers and basil.

Peas, dill etc.

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