Saturday, June 11, 2011

June garden update

Wow - the rain, the heat and the humidity have combined to make the garden grow like it was on steroids.  We have picked 4 quarts of strawberries and it looks like that we may be over the peak.  Lettuce has been plentiful, as have the snap peas.  But the peas are done now.

New to the garden this year was chinese celery (also known as chinese cabbage or chinese broccoli).  We did not like it very much.  But it did very well, grew quickly and produced. 
the center is the missing chinese celery

tomatoes grown from seed with raspberries in the background
But the taste was very bitter, and a little stringy.

The tomatoes from the farmer's market have set fruit, but the seed grown haven't.  The seed grown plants are twice as sturdy and should bear well.

the raspberries ( all 36 of them) are filling out.  I have no idea when they will ripen.

commercially grown tomatoes in the bag of compost


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