Friday, June 17, 2011

A Meat and Three Veg

First a plug for Farmers' Markets.

We have a very small farmers' market in the church parking lot at the corner of Oaklandon Road and Fox Road.  It opens early in the spring with bedding plants, meat, cheese and honey.  The people are lovely and their offerings are even more-so.

So a special thanks to:
Brendle Honey
Engleking's Country Beef Shop (and eggs) (and the fabulous bacon pork burgers)
Blue River Natural Foods for cheeses, organic cheeses and eggs
Tuttle Orchard for fruit, vegetables and flowers
Millers Produce for plants, herbs and vegetables

Now back to our regularly scheduled entertainment.

We harvested our first green beans last night.  About 30 pods, each perfection in their beanness.  I would have taken a picture but we ate them.  (With a side of grilled pork chop and butterbeans cooked with bacon and a freshly harvested onion.)

By tomorrow we will have quite a few more but the first ones are always the rarest treat.

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