Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes!!

the heat and humidity has made me sluggish.  i can't even bother to capitalize.  dinner is a salad made with imitation crab (it's indiana and fresh crab is a pipe dream) and a baguette.  but the tomatoes are loaded - i counted 67 tomatoes on 8 plants - and i have the cornmeal. so two are being sacrificed as fried green tomatoes.

first - i don't slice my tomatoes, i wedge them.  this makes it easier to handle them, gets more in the pan and each piece gives more flavor of tomato and less of fry stuff.  i flour then buttermilk then cornmeal the wedges, each step being seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, onion and cayenne.  and i use corn oil.  corn oil is, in my opinion, the best for southern fried foods.  unless you are using peanut oil.  which is also good.

the imitation crab salad is made with a lot of celery, vidalia onion, the fish, a little mayo, lemon juice  and old bay.  maybe a little extra cayenne because i like it.  i am swimming in citrus because we just made a pitcher of sangria, which will be ready tomorrow.  come on over.

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