Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Jalapeno

Dinner tonight had only one jalapeno from the garden.  But this is a recipe you have to try.


              Pan Seared Salmon with Chipotle Bourbon Glaze

Serving Size  : 4    
                        salt and pepper
  4                     salmon fillet
  3        tablespoons  butter
     1/2           cup  honey
     1/3           cup  bourbon
     1/2      teaspoon  chipotle powder
  1           teaspoon  lime juice
salt and pepper the salmon

melt butter in a skillet
Place the salmon in the skillet and sear 2 minutes, skin side up.  Remove

Add the honey, bourbon, chili powder and lime juice to the skillet and reduce. 
Return salmon to the skillet and heat 3-5 minutes, until salmon reaches desired doneness.

I used white pepper on the fish.  I used fish without skin.  The glaze smelled like everything Kentucky - ham, tobacco, hot peppers.  I served this over rice that I had cooked with one chopped jalapeno, adding broccoli and vermont cheese powder at the end.

Make this for yourself and see.

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