Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Knit! Girls short cardigan with lace yoke

After three tries at different projects for this yarn I found one that I thought worked nicely.  The yarn was Sensations self-patterning from JoAnn's, about a 3 weight.  I hope my granddaughter likes it.  The basic pattern was from Lion Brand yarns but I took a few liberties along the way.

 I try to keep measurements of the kids because sweaters are a lot like cooking - if you know the technique you can improvise.

I finally thought to take a picture of the sweater when I got to the lace portion.  The sleeves had been done separately on DP needles then added to body.   I love knitting in the round, mainly because I hate seaming.

The lace was k2tog, yo for one row then knit knit purl knit between.

Bottom and sides were seed stitch.  This does help the edges lay flat.

I found a button in my button box that matched beautifully.  The crocheted chain fringe adds some weight to the hem, plus who doesn't like fringe!

Total cost for yarn (free button) was $1.00.  I used two skeins to make a girls size 8.  The yarn was on clearance.  Total time invested - about 6 hours.  That includes ribbeting three rows because I wasn't paying attention!

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