Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sugar, sugar

March 1st I started a Wilton Basics decorating class.  One of those things I thought I'd like to get better at since every time I use a piping bag I end up with more frosting on me and in my hair than on the baked goods.

First night we learned basic piping bag filling, holding and squeezing.  This resulted in more frosting on me than on the baked goods.

The next day I practiced on some more cookies.  I finally got a little more on the baked goods than on me!
sugar cookies with raspberry filling

I did one dozen of these cookies, each 4" across.  I tried three types of piping bags; disposable, lightweight vinyl and vinyl coated linen.  The vinyl coated linen bag was extremely hard to squeeze and really tiring.  But it is really durable and can be washed easily.
Next week we frost and decorate a single layer cake.  I need to make 6 batches of decorator (shortening flavored) icing.  15 cups of frosting.  All for a single layer cake.  That should be good.

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