Friday, January 28, 2011

Knit-Along Update

The back is done!  I finished at 7am and, no, I did not stay up all night to do it.  When I blocked it the size was right on target.
I didn't bind off the top - just moved it onto a stitch holder.
I thought this edge detail shows the yarn nicely.

Now to start the front(s).  I am undecided whether to try knitting both at once.  This is fairly simple to do with sleeves and is one of the big advantages to using 29 inch circular needles.  If it gets fouled up there is always frogging!

Note the always useful Altoids tin in the middle right of the photo.  This holds my T-pins.  I have another which is fitted with tiny folding scissors, stitch markers, sewing needles, tape measure and magnifying glass.  This way I can stuff my knitting in my purse with the little kit and go anywhere!  Yea, Altoids!!

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