Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now for the Cooking portion of our program

I think I mentioned that I am a frugal cook.  As such, one of the best bargains I have found that results in some of the tastiest food is a shoulder of pork, also called a pork butt roast.  At 7-9 pounds this chunk of porky love will produce piles of flavorful meat that can be shredded, bagged, tagged and frozen for future use.  Last night was the final bow of a roast I had prepared in May.

The initial prep is simple - Take that huge hunk of meat, cover it in salt, pepper and garlic powder, place in a large roasting pan with 1/2 cup of water, cover with foil then roast at 325 degrees for 4 hours.  Remove, cool then shred into the roasting liquid, removing any bone and large pieces of fat.  I bag up 2 cup portions (actually double bag) label and freeze.

What to do with this meat?
  • warm with a few drops of liquid smoke and serve as pulled pork with the BBQ sauce of choice
  • Add to onions sauteed with a little red pepper flake, add some chicken stock mixed with flour, thicken and serve over mashed potatoes.
  • Layer into corn tortillas with cheese and enchilada sauce, cover and bake.
  • Using green salsa and a box of chicken stock make quick chili verde, garnish with fresh cilantro and cheese.
  • Did I mention hot pork sandwiches?
Last night was the enchilada option using green enchilada sauce, but layered instead of rolled.  And using up that nacho cheese dip left over from football Sunday.  So I guess it would be Green Enchilada Pork Lasagna.

In my area the pork shoulder will go on sale for $0.98 per pound.  Buy two.  Cook one, freeze one.

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