Monday, February 21, 2011

The sweater is done!

 The hoodie sweater in all its glory - well, all except the buttons.  I am going to drag this up to Joann's this morning and try to find something I like.  Because of the natural colors and tweed I thought wood or leather.
 While I made this with my grandson in mind I have been informed that it's not the kind of cool kids wear.  So I have a unisex sweater, adult medium, going begging.


I think I'll put a tassel on the back of the hood. 

I'm starting a circular shrug.

and a pair of handwarmers/handsweaters (2/3 done)

and some little girl leg warmers (not started)

Didn't do much cooking this weekend.  Put a ham in the oven Sunday but I don't think trowing a ham half in a cooking bag counts for much.  We did have cheese grits, which are right up on the list with mac & cheese, fondue and quiche as some of the great cheese foods. And roasted Brussels sprouts.  I now have lots of ham.

Which we won't be having for dinner tonight because I thawed a roasting chicken over the weekend.  Feeling   fat and sluggish and lethargic so it is obviously time to make chicken and dumplings.

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